New Guy Looking for a Gun Range

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Giterdone, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Hey there...

    New to the site and the state, but I love to hunt and fish... so I think I'll be alright. I was hoping someone could help me with a slight problem I have: I cannot find a gun range in the Manitowoc/Two Rivers area. Does anyone know of one that allows rifle and handgun? A nice indoor handgun range would be a plus for the winter! The closest one I've found is the Depere club in Greenbay, but that's a drive if I want to use it frequently. Someone has got to know one close by.

    Thanks and glad to be here.

  2. Did you ever find a range in the area? I've been in Manitowoc for about 5 years, but have recently wanted to get out and shoot some. Plus, I'd like to get my 12 year old out somewhere to shoot his .22. I know there is a Manitowoc Rifle and Pistol, but no one seems to answer their phone when called. I'm not sure if the club is open to new membership or what. Just wondering where you found to shoot. Thanks, Todd
  3. Did you get a hold of them yet? They are usually there on wed afternoons. Or just stop in to talk to someone. Thats what I did. There is a page on facebook for them. Manitowoc rifle & pistol.