New Products from Ice Hopper!!

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Ice Fishing' started by raisirat, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Guys this is a quick new product over view of whats new with the Ice Hopper Brand this winter.
    These rods are not sluggish they have a real action to them. Everyone that has held these have pretty much bought them on the spot! I don't know of any other rod series on the market it like.

    The Tight Liner reel is a super light graphite composite, large arbor spool designed for anglers that want high end performance at a rational price. Our reel features a large washer design, fully adjustable drag and one way directional ball bearing. This unique bearing allows the anglers to reel up line with zero resistance on the spool yet set their drag to play-out larger fish when needed. The Tight Liner also features an oversized handle for easier grip with gloves or mittens. The large 70mm spool diameter picks up line quickly and eliminates line twist and that annoying line coil memory often associated with smaller spool diameters.
  2. Here is a few more new products from Ice Hopper this year.
    Extreme Taper Custom Blanks
    • Carbon - 12.99
    • Fiber Glass - 3.99
    They are also being offered in a Pre Built version without the handle so you guys that like to do those sweet wood handles can have fun and not have to worry about putting guides on.
    • Carbon - 19.99
    • Fiber Glass - 14.99

    These and more such has guide sets , tip tops, handles can all be seen on the Rod Building Section at Sportsmen's Direct!