New Prospect for the up and coming Bear Season

Discussion in 'Bear Hunting' started by Water_Dog, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Picked up my new prospect for the next Bear season. 10 Month old male Blue Tick from Upson breeding excited to get him going this year. To dang cold to pose him right but this gives a good look anyway!

  2. good lookin' dawg!!

    Do you train and condition your dog on coons? When I was younger, I lvoed summer time night coon hunting...

  3. Will that's a good looking dog, for a bluetick/:dizzy:

    Birdhunter- Some guys will run their bear dogs on coon. Most of the real serious guys will not. The reason is simple. No fun in treeing a coon during bear season. More times than can be counted have I seen coons at a bait on camera in large numbers long after the bear was there. being able to get that bear going amonst all the scent of other game is very important. Especially if you are paying to see a bear.

  4. What are the favored breeds for bear running?
  5. Thanks steve coming from you that means alot! ;)


    Steve sums it up pritty well when it comes to bear hounds. I'm hoping this one will take to bear and bobcats.


    You will see many of the breeds hunting bear. Lot's of guys will run Plotts for bear. The guys I hunt with we have Redbones, Walkers, and now a Bluetick. I have also seen Black and Tans and starting to see some Leopard Hounds in the woods up here also.
  6. Will, Good friend of mine knows Dennis well. He normally produces, and has some good dogs. He is also a bluetick man. Working on converting him. He just got a Plott pup. Is also housing 3 others for another hunting partner.

    Flint, We see all types of hounds in the bear woods. There are good ones in every breed. Even seen an airedale once that did a good job. I'm a Plott guy. They are the only breed with it's begginings in the USA. Bred to hunt the American black bear. Sometimes I find that statement ironic. Reason is the first 5 dogs that started the line all came from Germany. That is why when the do goofy stupid stuff, a friend calls them damm nazi's. :irked: