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  1. I now have 5 preference points, and am wondering where to go zone A, or B. I am also in need of help baiting, as i live near Fond du lac, and don't have the time to drive north to bait. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyone know of guides in either area? And what kind of cost are we talking.
  2. i dont know about zone b but zone a is getting pretty good as i have baits getting hit all the time

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    Good luck to you.
  4. Where abouts in Zone A?
  5. Anyone from zone B??
  6. I'm in the southern part of Zone B. Don't know of any guides. It'll take you another five years to get a tag for Zone B. There are plenty of bear here. Took me 10 years and my wife now has ten in and still no tag.
  7. I am a guide in Zone B. A little in Zone A, but try to stay away from it do to number of people. It will take you a few more years to get a tag in any zone but C. I can tell you this. Most of the time it will cost you far more to do it yourself than to hire a full time guide like myself. Some of us spend all our time in the field, and it is what we do. Personnally I spend every year from April to Nov chasing bears around. If I did not spend all my money by Nov would go year round chasing them in them in other states.

    Feel free to give me a call anytime. Love to talk chasing bear almost as much as chasing them.

    Steve White
  8. After many years of points, I have finally received a kill tag for zone A. With that being said, i am looking for someone with dogs to run bear, and what kind of cost I will be looking at.
  9. Steve, What does it usually cost for a hound hunt? Hopefully in the next few years I should draw a tag. I might be interested when I finally draw a tag.:smile:
  10. Wisconsin dog hunters cannot run dogs during season without a tag holder within radio range. Most hound hunters are looking for someone that holds a tag to accompany them. The cost should be minimal or actually nothing.
  11. DO you know of anyone that I can contact?

    That is the link to the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. You have to let it be known that you have a tag. There is a classified section on the website. Alll you have to do is join to advertise. I might do a little research on who has hounds near your area. You could also join the Big Hound site forum and let it known that you have a tag.

    That's the link. Some of hound sites are difficult to join, this one is open to all. Good Luck
  13. The funny thing is you get what you pay for. You want a free hunt, you will get one. Then there should be no complaints over a bad time.

    Here we provide lodging and meals. No fuel or bait costs as transportation, and bait is provided. Lodging alone is going to cost you. Unless of course you tent it in Sept. Even then state parks are $10 a night I think.

    Funny thing is. I get a few calls every year towards the end of the season. From guys looking for a mercy, or pity hunt. Since they got themselves one of those free guided hunts. Last year got a great one. Guy had spent $2500 been out with 2 guys over 9 days and never seen a bear.

    Can never understand why folks will go drop a few grand to go to CA. Yet will wait 10yrs to get a tag in WI, and want a free hunt. Wish things worked that way for me. My dog food came thursday. When they asked for the $980. I said thought it was free.:tsk: I will try it again before I fork out the $4000 for bait this year. Bet I get the same results!! Already know the answer from the vet, and gas station!!!

    Oh well it is what it is. To each there own. I will still carry on and be chasing bears around as soon as they come out of the dens. Scouting from April to July, and hunting from July to mid October. It's my passion.

    Steve White
  14. Talking about hunting bears...!! I have no idea about it but hunting and hearing these stories always fascinate me. looking to hear more about it.
  15. Marlin, Bear hunting is about the most thrilling hunt you can take part of in WI. Whether over baits, or with hounds. Over bait is exciting in it's own right. Especially if you have never hunted them before. Following them with hounds is even more exciting. Although a lot more work. Hunting them 90+ days a year. We end up with many exciting stories of the hunts. No matter how you slice it. Bears are Slickery, and elusive. Everyday in the woods is an adventure to be remembered.

    Feel free to give me a call anytime. Always love to talk bear hunting. For some of us it is a way of life.