New to Hunting WI want to take son.

Discussion in 'Archery and Crossbows' started by PGHFAN063, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Ok I'm a transplant from PA about 10 years ago. I have taken a break from hunting since I moved here but I am ready to start going out during archery season next year 2014. I have a son who will be 9 they and would like to be able to take him with me at times as an observer to see what his thoughts are of hunting and see how much interest he has.
    My questions for you guys are where would you recommend hunting near the fox valley area I live just west of Appleton,WI. "Greenville "
    Also what are your thoughts of a two person ladder stand or should I stick to ground hunting since setup and take down of a ladder stand may be a little much for a day in the woods.
    Thx for your time!
  2. Ladders are the best way to go if you can leave them up for awhile----otherwise--pop up ground blinds can be fun,