New to hunting

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by borjawil, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, just moved to Northern Wi by Webster and figured Id learn to hunt! I decided to learn to bow hunt and have purchased an older Martin Bengal- not sure what year but its between the 00-06 I believe.

    So I guess my first questions are What should I begin hunting? I figured deer and turkey.
    Where do I hunt? Do I need a permit? I know I have to purchase tags for the animals.
    What equipment supplies do I need to hunt? I think Ill start on the ground opposed to a tree stand and Ill probably build a blind out of branches and such.
    My last question (for now) I know most will scout areas and I would love to learn to do that but if I dont scout how will I know where to look for the animal im hunting?

    When these get answered im sure ill have more questions.
  2. Welcome to Wi and Welcome to the Hunters World---My advice for you, Find a Mentor, A hunting Friend in your area, Ask around, Find a hunting or shooting club, Find an Archery Shop, Not a Box Store----Ask ! This person will help immensly and quickly---Will help you learn to use your bow, Will help you find areas to hunt, Will help you find and set up for game. Without this help i would suggest you learn to shoot and prepare yourself better for next year. If you were closer I would Volunteer, Good Luck, Once you get going you will love bow hunting ! I have 45 seasons under my belt and still look forward each year ! Hatfield Hunter