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  1. I have taken a new job in Zion Ill. doing the decomishining and demolition of the nuclear plant there. It's going to be a 10 year project and I'm trying to figure out where to hunt and fish in Wisconsin. We have a web site very similar to this in Michigan that I have belonged to for years. I love all types of hunting and fishing. I have a 22' sea ray fully rigged for salmon and walleye. I also have a 14' V-bottom boat for inland lake fishing. I also have 2004 snowmobile and all the gear for ice fishing. From the looks of the forums here the site doesn't look near as busy as the one in Mi. Is this a fairly new site? I'll be living in the Kenosha area. I hope in the coming years I'll be able to meet new fishing and hunting friends, and find new hunting and fishing adventures.Good huntin and fishin!:tongue:
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    Welcome to the Wisconsin version. Happy Posting!

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    Good to have you here big shooter...hopefully this site will become more active. I'm on the opposite side of the state so I can't help you much in the way of finding the fishing holes or good spots to hunt, but I'm sure you'll bump into some good fellers on here that can.
  4. Welcome to the site. A lot of boats fish out of Winthrop Harbor which is right down the road from Zion. I have never fished there but they do real well on coho.
  5. Thanks guy's. I'll holler back in the proper forums after this. Good huntin and fishin!
  6. Shooter, welcome to the area!! You have some great things to go after in your area. Perch fishing out of Kenosha can be jsut awesome in early summer. Lots of great summer salmon fishing up and down the big lake coast. Some of the best brown trout fishing can be had right in the middle of the winter in front of the power plants. Especially the oak creek plant. As for inlnad fishing you have some great waters close by. Geneva, Delevan, Silver, twin lakes, to name a few. The pike creek has a great steelhead run in the spring as well. Hunting for you now will probaly be limited to public lands. There are a bunch of them around the area. You will have to contend with some people, but that can be avaoided a little. Bong air force base is one iI know close to you. You can get onthe Dnr website to dig up a list of the rest of the lands available. In time you may find a few landownere/farmers to let you hunt. Lot of things to do around you just have to look a little.

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