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  1. I just recently moved to the dane county area from michigan and found this site in hopes of getting some suggestions on were to start looking for land to bowhunt in the dane county. Right now i am looking for both state land or leasing. Any suggestons would be greatly apprecitated. thank you
  2. In Michigan most of the old tax reverted lands went to the state and became state forests. In Wisconsin many of these lands reverted to the counties instead and became county forests.

    Juneau, Vernon and Monroes counties to the NW of you have county forests.

    There is Kettle Morraine State Forest to the east of you.

    Fort McCoy, up near Tomah, has public deer hunting.

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  3. Thank you for the advice, I will check into these areas. Does anyone else have any more suggestions?
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  5. Has anyone heard of the Deansville Wildlife Area in Dane County and if so what have you heard about it in regards to deer hunting. I was looking into hunting on it. Thank you for any comments.