New tyer lookin for pointers

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    Just started tying. I tied a few flies like 9-10yrs ago on a buddies starter kit, but they were probably pretty bad. Getting back into it now. Posting these flies to get some pointers. So far I have done a total of 7 (got the vise and the rest of the stuff i needed yesterday).

    I put them in the bucket to make it easier to post. Definitely learning as I go. I have read a bit and watched some videos...but DOING it you still end up learning more haha. For example, thread tension. I was finding my marabou tails would always want to spin around the hook. Not WHEN tying them, but later on in the fly. The black bugger in the pic I used a lot more thread tension and it didnt happen anymore.

    I also realized with this marabou i have, well the black stuff which I dont like as much as my olive stuff so far, i need to be careful. As you can see with the egg-leech, the tail looks bad haha. Same marabou on the black bugger...just fixed what I think I did wrong. Also with the egg leech i used pom poms from JoAnn Fabric...but is that egg too big?

    On the lil caddis...a guy who helped me out at the store (a shopper), pointed out a little caddis they had in the pre-tied area. I should of taken a picture of it because I can't remember exactly how it went. On the stonefly the wing area I used some brown 1/8" scud. The guy who was helpin me said it works pretty good for it and is easier early on vs. the lil wing stubs. I dunno if I did it quite the way he was saying, haha.

    So, pointers and or links to similar flies in these patterns you prefer I could possibly follow would be much appreciated. Also, these are all on #6 or #10 hooks since thats all I have. Thanks.