Newbie to the North Woods-Help!

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by FL Bow Guy, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Hi guys. I am from Florida and my in laws live up in Minocqua Wisconsin. The family and I are heading up there for a week in August. I want to spend a lot of time scouting around the American Legion Northern Highlands state forest and possibly Chequamagon. We are going to try and come back for the Holidays and for the opening of Archery next year. I have to admit I have little idea what sign/food source to look for in the great north woods. I hunt in FL (swamps basically) and in some farmland in Georgia. So, the North Woods is a whole new ball game for me. If any of you could give me ANY advice on what to look for I would really appreciate it. I'm not looking for specisic spots but more just what type of terrain and food source the deer prefer throughout the season. What type of food source are the deer focused on in early season (opening of archery) and in late season (holidays)?

    Is the Chequamagon a better area opposed the American Legion Northern Highlands state forest? The WI DNR website surveys seem to suggest there are more deer in the Chequamagon. Do you think that's accurate?

    Thanks guys I appreciate it!