night of the coon hunters 1956

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  1. In 1956 when I was 15 I was talking to Goat and he thought we ought to take his dads coon dogs out and kill some coons. I said I would but I wasn't going with that crazy Black and Tan one they kept tied near the back door on a 2 inch thick chain to keep him from busting loose, that was the biggest coon dog I have ever seen in my life and he was as mean as he was big, just a few weeks earlier he had caught up to the half tame coon that was full grown and about 20 pounds on a training day, now a coon is a tough animal and can hold its own against a single dog, well the giant nasty Black and Tan wasn't ordinary and ended the poor coons life in a minute or so. that dog scared me so bad when I went down to goats house to see him, same thing every time, I would knock on the door and cujo's big brother would be lunging at me at 10 feet away on the end of that 2 inch thick loggings chain trying to reach me and tear my throat out all the while frothing at the mouth and barking like a banshee, I would never take my eyes off him waiting for some one to come open the door, it would some times take hours before some one would open that door, well not really but it sure seemed like it at the time. Before that Black & tan and after him I have never seen a coon dog that was mean toward people, that dog was stone wacko.
    Well the day or I should say night came and we were allowed 2 young dogs about 1 1/2 years old and cujo's big brother wasn't going to go hunting with us because Goats dad didn't want us loosing one of his valuable older dogs, thank God I wouldn't be ripped apart in the middle of the night by some crazed coon dog . I felt much better.
    Off to the woods we went shortly after dark carrying are 22's over our shoulders and each with a leash to one of the mules, well that's what it seemed like, they were dragging us toward the woods on a dead run and we couldn't stop them.
    We released them and Goat said go getum, those 2 were off like a shot, I thought oh boy we will have the first coon up a tree in a matter of minutes and be shining eyes, well we stood and listened, Goat said they got one treed, we took off on a dead run thru the tree's in the dark (we only had one flash light and were trying to save the batteries ) we got to where we thought they were and they were off again, Goat said he musta jumped out and made a run for it when it heard us, had to be a old smart coon that had been treed a short time Goat said they treed him again, off we went on a run, I was darn near blind by now with the limbs hitting me in the eyes and tears rolling down my face and little bits of bark and twigs in my eyes but we arrived at the tree and the dogs were gone again, well by this time my arms were bleeding and half my shirt was gone from hitting the briars and brush in the woods, this went on several times and we were about to grab the dogs and head home to get a blood transfusion to replace the several quarts of blood we lost out of our bleeding arms and neck when Goat said they got him for sure this time, off we ran with the branches and briar's ripping the rest of our flesh that was left on our arms and neck and another couple of quarts of blood later but Goat was right but they had him bayed on the ground, it was a unusual coon, it was all black and had a stripe down its back, to late it sprayed us and the dog's, half blinded and gagging from the spray we drug the dogs off and limped home with these two useless coon dogs.
    That was my first time coon hunting 47 Years ago and my last ever coon hunt , one time a guy did ask me if I wanted to go about 15 years ago and My face grimaced up like a wild animal and my eyes got all red and he quickly changed the subject never to ask me again.
    Steve Ypsi