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  1. Just ended my week of turkey hunting Tuesday one gobble Wednesday morning sounded like it came from Siberia that was it for the entire week. Never seen or heard a bird the rest of the week weather was outrageous rain, snow, and wind. Just two weeks earlier there were birds all over the place never had a season like this in all the years I've been turkey hunting we've always got birds. Some 5th season tags still available gonna give it a try. Anybody have any luck out there?
  2. Saw birds everywhere in March, but as soon as April hit they seemed to disappear. Hunted the first week, but the weather really cut into the time in the blind. Hunted River Falls area and heard very little gobbling. Also spent time in Cumberland area and saw/heard nothing. Previous years I can go out and hear several flocks, this year I'm lucky to hear 1. This time of year I usually see them wandering all around the neighborhood but have only seen a handfull since early March. Giving it a go again starting tomorrow (4th season). Mother Nature must really hate me as the forecast shows nothing but rain, wind, cold and snow for the next 5 days.

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    Definitely a weird year.
  4. Winter kill

    It looks as though the harsh winter has taken its toll on the wildlife. I have found 3 dead deer so far this spring. I think the turkeys had it rough also. So far I have only heard a couple birds. Usually I see and hear lots of birds this time of year in my fields. Another thing ive noticed is that the bird count at my bird feeders appear s to be drastically down. Hope we have a warm April and May so the wildlife gets a break.
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    Yeah, I'm going to scout for turkey this weekend. Afraid of what I might find (or not find as the case might be). The deer can browse trees, the turkeys really have nothing when there is that much snow.
  6. Whats hardest on them is a hard crust on the snow. DNR guy told me he has found dead birds with there feet worn off from trying to scratch through the crusty snow.
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    Yeah and there is plenty of crust right now.
  8. Have seen very few turkeys this spring----walk my female lab most everyday out in county forest in central wi, about 2 miles every late afternoon----no turkeys or even turkey sign---have seen a small flock enjoying a rural guys bird feeder droppings all winter long--seems these are the only birds to have survived intact