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    March 21 at 10pm and March 22 at 6am.

    Check out Northland Adventures.

    Will see my ugly mug.

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    [SIZE=+1]Northland Adventures #391[/SIZE]
    March 21st, 2008

    Their Right Ways, Helping Hands, Hope Springs Eternal & Laura Erickson on Bird Cams, plus Camo Blind

    Price : $14.95
    [​IMG] Trout anglers debate "Their Right Ways" : fly fishing or spinners during a trip to the Driftless Area spring creeks with guide Lenny Harris. In "Helping Hands" a young cancer victim gets fly-tieing advice at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo which features equipment, destinations, guides, art and other traditions. Coulee Country spring creeks are where "Hope Springs Eternal" and L:aura Erickson "Speaking for the Birds" demonstrates a birding cam at her feeder. Plus, Jeff Miller walks through camo blind choices in the Scheels "Right There" Report. [SIZE=+1]Northland Adventures Follow Ups:[/SIZE]

    BIRD GUNS: Wisconsin gunsmith Mark Beasland can be contacted about restoring double-barrel shotguns (Mark's Born Again Birdguns) at or 866-622-2486 (866-MBABGUN).

    SPEAKING FOR THE BIRDS: Contact Laura Erickson at Erickson is author of "101 Ways to Help Birds," "Sharing the Wonder of Birds with Kids" and
    "For the Birds: An Uncommon Guide." Erickson also appears weekly on several Public Radio stations in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota.

    WALKING STICKS Jon Balsiger, walking stick craftsman, can be reached at 920-348-5152 W3748 Raddatz Rd., Camrbia WI 53923.

    HOUSEBOATING ON THE UPPER MISSISSIPPI RIVER through hosts Eric and Nikki Jandro of Fun'N The Sun Houseboat Vacations, Alma, Wisconsin, 54610 1-888-343-5670

    BLUEBIRD HOUSE patterns and more about this colorful , melodic bird are available through the North American Bluebird Society at or the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin at

    NORTH COUNTRY FLY FISHING guide Damian Wilmot featured in Northland Adventures episode #343 can be reached at (218) 390-0629 or (715) 398-7644.

    DOG LOVERS enjoyed our recent episode on Vizslas, a versatile land-water hunting breed catching on with sporting families across the continent. Check out for details.

    LONG-LEGGED LAKE ADVENTURES: Muskies, lake trout, pike and walleyes....a boat-in wilderness experience! Contact Jerry Woolison at North Lake Lodge on the Long-Legged Lake Chain near Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada at 807-727-2889 [email protected] or [email protected]

    NATIVE PRAIRIE PLANTINGS: Sarah Boles of Northern Native Plantscaping, Cable, Wisconsin, offers site consultations, shoreland and full property restoration and landscaping plans at 715-794-2548 [email protected] . Purchase northern native plants and learn more about rain gardens from Becky J. Brown of Wildflower Woods, Washburn, Wisconsin, 715-373-0214 [email protected] .

    Here's Elmer Sprick's "Pickled Sucker" recipe featured in "Savoring the Suckers" Show #291: Fillet 5-6 quarts of sucker fillets, freeze them at 0 degrees for 48 hours. After 48 hours, thaw the fillets and cut them into bite-size chunks. Put them in a large crock or plastic pail and cover them with a solution of 2 quarts of dark vinegar, 2 1/2 cups of pickling salt, and let stand for six days, stirring them daily. After six days, rinse the chunked fillets in fresh water. Next, make a pickling solution of 2 quarts of white vinegar, 7 cups of sugar, add 1 1/2 ounces of pickling spices, 1/2 teaspoon of crush red peppers, 1 spoon of cooking oil, two finely sliced lemons and heat this mixture to a boil. After the solution cools, add 2 pounds of finely sliced white onions. and pour it over the fish chunks. Refrigerate and let stand for four days. After four days, put the chunks into jars with rust-proof non-leaking lids, add some of the pickling solution containing onions and lemons and keep the sealed containers refrigerated until ready to serve.

    GLOBAL WARMING:Global warming threatens our current standard of living, and of the plants and animals who share our planet. To learn more about climate change, please contact the following: The Union of Concerned Scientists www. Click on the tab for environment, then on the link for global warming. Wisconsin Interfaith Climate and Energy Campaign @ www The American Bird Conservancy @ www The National Wildlife Federation @ www The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) @ Click on the 2001 report and then on the working GPI. There are more links on the Naturally Yours page!

    CAT CARE: If you love cats, you know that the best place for your pet is INDOORS -- safe from rabies and other disease, fleas, ticks, automobiles, and dogs. Feral housecats are considered one of the greatest threats to wild bird populations nationwide, responsible for killing millions of birds and other native animal species annually. For more on the Cats Indoors! program contact: Linda Winter, Director, Cats Indoors! at the American Bird Conservancy (202) 234-7181 or [email protected]

    STARWATCHERS: To purchase Mike Lynch's "Mike Lynch's Minnesota Starwatch", visit his website @ , and click on "Mike's New Book"

    Contact Dave Carlson at [email protected] at 715-835-1881...Good luck afield!