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  1. Steve, do we get notifications on subscribed threads like on M.S.? I'm not revceiveing any.
  2. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    You should. Let me check on something.

  3. Steve....

    I'm still not getting any notifications. As I browesed the sight today it didn't appear that I was "subscribed" to threads that I had posted in.

    I see that at the bottom of these "reply to thread" pages that I'm currently typing this into there is a thread notification box. It is set to "do not subscribe" if I click on it and move it to "instant email notification" it stays there only for a few sconds before going back to "do not subscribe".

    It look's like that is where the problem is coming from. Do I need to do something to correct what it's default is?
  4. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    I subscribed to the deer cam picture contest thread and I continually get emails from that thread.
  5. I received this notification. But only because I manually changed the default at the bottom of the page. I don't have to do that on the M.S. site. Is there something you or I can do to make it default to subscibe "instant email notification" versus "Do not subscribe"?