Odd Things Found On Trout Stream?

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    About 17 years ago I was going to one of my favorite streams to trout fish. When I got there I noticed a new name on the mail box. It stuck out a lot. It was painted white and it had lady bugs painted on it. It had a couple name on the mail box.

    The person who owned the property before was a Mennonite Family and they were pig farmers. I was happy to see that a new family had moved in. I did not like pigs so close to the stream.

    It was a long driveway and i walked right down it to the house. I knocked several times and no one answered. I could hear some sounds in the back yard and I went in the back to see what was up.

    I rounded the corner and there right behind the house was a couple in a bath tub in the yard. Both were butt naked. The woman was in front of the man. They both started screaming at the top of their lungs. The husband reached around and covered his wife with both hands. His hands fit the area to be hidden perfectly.

    I turned and was very embarrassed. They were still screaming and wanting to know what I wanted. I told them I was asking to trout fish. I told them I knocked and no one answered the door so I walked around the back because of the sound.

    They both said simultaneously: "Yes you can fish but we don't allow hunting."

    I retreated around the front of the house. I yelled as I parted and said I was sorry to bother them. I heard the husband yell back:

    "It wasn't a bother and my wife got a thrill out of it and I am for sure getting lucky later because of it!!"

    I went to the stream and had a banner outing. The husband came down to my vehicle and we talked afterwards.

    He explained to me that the prior owners used the stream to bathe in. They had taken all the plumbing out of the house along with the electricity.

    The bath tub was stored in the barn and the couple was having it put back in with the electricity by a local contractor.

    This was the reason they were in the yard buck naked.

    I ended up being good friends with him later and he shared with me that after I left that they conceived their son that day in the bath tub.
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    I've seen lots of tires but never anything this exciting.