Off Season Scouting And Permission Asking

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    Typically this time of the year is the best time to scout for new places to trout fish and to get new permission. Lots of people ask me why I ask this time of the year. It is obvious to me...It is human nature. If you show up at someone's door in full waders and vest you are putting the landowner on the defensive. It is almost like you are assuming you will get permission and the asking is a formality.

    The first thing you must do is plan where you are going to ask. Typically I target at least 2 places that are adjoined. Before I go I shave and make myself look presentable. If you plan on taking your child on this permission with you...Bring them along. An adult is easy to say "NO" to but a 10 years old daughter is really hard to say no to.

    Tell your kid to stand near you and not be over friendly and be quiet and respectful when knocking on the door. Knock on the door and then take 2 full steps back. Do not invade their doorway space. Introduce yourself and quickly say why you are there. Make it clear that you are there only for fishing and not hunting. Almost 80 percent of land owners say no to hunters.

    Interact with the landowner a little. Be friendly and polite even if they tell you "NO"...They will remember that the next time you ask and your politeness may pay off big dividends the next time you ask.

    If you get permission make sure you get the property lines you are going to fish on. This shows responsibility and make for a better relationship. I always ask about the neighbors upstream and down. Who knows them best..."Their neighbors."

    Ask about cows/bulls. Make sure you tell them you will take proper care of their property.

    Some of these scouting and permission tips were taught to me by fishing legend "Tony Dean". Tony is in heaven fishing these days.