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  1. I have been asking questions and getting help from a variety of people on this forum in order to pick the breed and breeder that best suits me and my family. Decided on a French Brittany and a smaller breeder, Corn Country Bretons. Thanks to everyone for their help! I recently retired and was lucky enough to retire at 55. I will be focusing on hunting Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock in north eastern Wisconsin. Below are some pictures of Abby. Her name is based on based on Abby Sciuto the forensic scientist on NCIS. Her registration name will start with an E based on 2009 naming conventions for Epagneul Breton.

    I went with Corn Country Bretons after going to the French Brittany Gun Dog trials in March this year. It was great to see a variety of dogs in action and their owners/breeders. The Meester's have been great to work with before and after buying the pup. Randy is always willing to take the time to answer questions.

    I am learning a lot from Abby, especially as a first time dog owner. She is fitting in better than I thought with the two cats. The older, deaf cat went up to her right away, did not back down and gave her the steely stare. She got the message. So far she has avoided her. The younger cat is learning from the older one.

    Recent puppy highs and low… I Learned that if you do not get a puppy out fast enough and are holding her you get a wet leg. Yuck. On the plus side after three days of ringing a bell with her haw before she goes outside... she was playing.. stopped... rang the bell.. and sat by the door till my wife let her out. (I was getting cleaned up from the accident before and my wife now thinks she is the dog trainer! J She is currently 10 weeks old.


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  2. Good to see you found your dogmate !!

    Enjoy they are gone before you know it....

  3. Enjoy the journey that you are just starting to embark on.
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    Sweet looking dog.
  5. Great looking pup! I'm sure he'll amaze you with his knowledge already, as all bird dogs do.