Oh Happy Days

Discussion in 'Bear Hunting' started by Water_Dog, May 23, 2009.

  1. We got started today getting the bait sites ready. Moved a few. Repalced a couple hollow logs that got tore appart last season and there will be bait in them soon. Healthy crop of skeeters and Tics in the swamps!

    Life is becomming Bearable (Pun intended) again! :bouncy:
  2. Now that turkey season has ended, my brother killed one yesterday, it is time to start thinking about bear. We will start some baits in 2 weeks when we are at my cabin.

  3. No bear tag for me this year but the bears are tearing the heck out of the stump where I baited last year.:biggrin:
  4. I started unoficial baits last week also. Had a large track on my driveway and a fella called to tell me it was 500 pounds. Well from the track, I dont think it was 500 but it was respectable. I just bought another 40 acre parcel that was land locked. My other properties "unlock it!!!!" This parcel is high fround (very high ground) and it slopes down the a 2 miles semi wet semi dry adler swamp. I know bear travel long ways and another 40 acres parcel away is where my old bait stations were at but this new land opens up a whole new area IMO. A bait on the edge of a large swamp is like puttin a candy bar an inch away from an ant hill. I think I will pull out a huge bear from the swamp just a few ,minutes before closing of a evening hunt instead of an hour after dark. This 40 brings me to 215 acres and I feel blessed to be able to own land and hunt freely in this country! I rambling cause bear hunting pumps me! We dont even have a tag this year but I am continueing baits. will put a cam out in June.
  5. We got ours going at the end of April. Mostly because my daughter kept nagging about it. We have been at every 3rd day for a few weeks now. She has been nagging again for every other day with the season closing fast. I'm not that excited for that often since I pay the bill. Soon it will be almost every day.

    Only 8 more days to go!!!!!!!!!!1