Oh My God!

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  1. spinner

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    The below trout is not a lake run brown. It was caught in a stream that is typically 3 feet wide and loaded with brookies. The main stay of this
    Leviathan's diet was brookies.


    Sorry for the HUGE photo but the smaller sized photos don't do it justice.
  2. Steve

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    This is the largest resident trout I have ever seen for sure!

  3. Wow

    Holy smokes!!! That is one great looking fish. Is this the fish you mentioned earlier this spring that a friend saw while working on a bridge?
    I hope you share the story on this one.
    Wow! I can't get over how nice that fish is. Great job and thanks for sharing.
  4. Great Job !

    thanks for sharing
  5. Steve

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    I'd love to hear more details on what it was caught on and the story of landing such a fish.
  6. spinner

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    July 08 photo

    is just another view of Joe *dirt* Chadwick's monster
  7. Steve

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    I don't see another picture.....
  8. Steve

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    Wow, I would never be prepared with a net big enough for one of those.