old 16 ga or a new 20 ga?

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Turkey Hunting' started by hunter101, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. hey guys i have an old 16 ga but was wondering what would be better; a new 20 or old 16 for turkey ONLY? 16 is a bolt and the guy in the shop told me that i should only but one shell in the chamber and the other in the clip. so two max before i have to reload. what do you think i should do? and if you think new 20 what brand. have hear rem 870 is good but have some probs, so just looking for options. thx tons

    "this gun is for a first year deer/ now first year turkey 13 year old"
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  2. A 16 ga. bolt is a good turkey killer. You only need one shell!!! I have a old mosberg 16 ga. and it has done me well for many years. Good Hunting!:smile:

  3. If you ahve not shot that old bolt 16 ga. take it to a gun smith.

    I seem to remember a few bolt actions had some problem back quite a few yrs ago. I'd have it checked out to be safe.

    You just don't see bolt action shotguns much at all.