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    about a week ago there was a cold snap here in southern wisconsin.
    It gave me the bowhunting itch.

    I went shopping for bows....I gave up bowhunting 6 years ago because
    of all of my back problems. There is a Mathews dealer about 20 minutes from
    my home. I picked one up and tried to pull it back.

    My back began to burn before i even had it a tenth of the way back.

    6 trips to the doctor later and chiropractor i am kinda back to normal.

    My doctors shook their fingers at me and asked me what I was thinking
    when i pulled back a compound bow.

    My chiropractor has given me a 5 pound weight restriction and my general doctor a 20 pound limitation.

    BOTH told me i qualify for a cross bow special license.

    Will see.
  2. Sounds like a cross bow might be your ticket to get back into archery hunting. Good luck to you if you decide to go that route!

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    Nothing wrong with switching over to the x-bow. The bow season is the best time of the year to be in the woods. You just don't get to experience animals on their own patterns during the rifle season, plus the weather is nicer and you get to hunt the rut. Get out there and get yourself a crossbow!
  4. spinner

    I have been there where a guy just doesn't feel right about using a cross bow. But after thinking it through I decided that I wont miss out on archery season for nothing, even admitting I am disabled was very hard for me. The thing you must do is think about what you will miss out on if you don't archery hunt any more. The thing I felt was that it was cheating somehow by hunting with the x-bow. After I come to grips with that it was easy to hunt archery again. I don't know if you are thinking like me but I thought that I would let you know how I felt when I couldn't draw my bow anymore.