Oldest recorded wild eagle

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    Don't know if this has been posted before, but here you go.
    I find it really cool that the nest is active.:cool:

    DNR documents 31-year-old eagle
    Published Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    A Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources crew recently discovered the carcass of what appears to be the oldest bald eagle documented in the upper Midwest.

    The dead female eagle found near Razorback Lake in Vilas County was 31 years old, first banded on June 25, 1977, as an eaglet.

    While eagles are known to live to 20 years and beyond in the wild, none have been documented as this old. The condition of the carcass indicated it had died only recently, but there was no obvious sign of injury or trauma, said Ron Eckstein, a wildlife biologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

    Eckstein traced the eagle’s leg band through the federal Bird Banding Laboratory. It was one of three eaglets in a nest located a quarter mile north of the Wisconsin-Michigan border in the Ottawa National Forest’s Sylvania Wilderness Area. That same nest remains active in a large white pine in the wilderness area.

    Wisconsin has about 1,200 breeding pairs of eagles, up from 82 pair first counted in a 1970 survey. Bald eagles have been taken off the federal endangered species list, although they remain protected by other laws.
  2. I have heard about this. I live close to where this was found. Pretty amazing story on the come back of the Eagles.

  3. Great Story

    I just moved to WI from Northern Michigan. Back in Michigan we had a very nice popluation of eagles. It was always great to see them out an about. I always enjoyed watching them while ice fishing. One time I had one help itself to a pike I left to far away from the shanty. Since I moved here I have been seeing a lot of younger eagles. I am happy to hear they are continuing to have a strong comeback. They are truly an amazing creature.