One inch of rain and 4 Inches of SNOW yesterday.

Discussion in 'Mississippi River Basin' started by spinner, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. spinner

    spinner Staff Member

    Had the itch bad today.
    Called my buddy Bruce Ristow.
    We met at 11:30am.

    The first few streams we drove by were way stained and high.

    We decided to give one a try anyway.
    I took a stream temperature and it was 34 degrees.

    We walked upstream and low and behold...
    A new beaver dam from last fall.

    We camped on the beaver dam. We fished it for about one hour.
    15 browns later we moved on.
    The browns ranged from 12 to 18 inches.

    We caught about another dozen and were getting tired.

    I took the stream temp again and it was 32 degrees.
    We thought about hanging it up.
    We both agreed we drove too far and were out there anyway...
    WHY not continue.

    Glad we continued.
  2. Steve

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    That looks like a nice pig being released there.