opening weekend

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  1. Just thought I would see if anybody else got out to do some grouse hunting this weekend. I went up to bayfield county and only flushed 14 grouse and 3 woodcock for the weekend. Not to dissapointed though, considering I've never hunted up there. The best part of the weekend was seeing my dogs perform like they've been trained to, especially the pup.:smile:
  2. I hunted up by Mercer Saturday, the dog pointed 7 grouse and 2 woodcock in about 11/2 hours.Hunted over in Ackely this morning and had the dog point 7 grouse.Hope the forcasted rain for thurs and fri takes care of some of the leaves!

  3. Was out for opener for an hour and had 6 grouse and 3 woodcock and took 2 home that were pointed :corkysm55:

    Second weekend moved 6 grouse and 12 woodcock and took home a one of each in about 2 hours.

    This is just warm up stuff the big hunts start in Oct. can't wait !!!:bouncy:

    WPGriffon did you hear Gary Bohlman's Lena got a VC this weekend with Neal ???

    Pretty cool I'm sure he is grinning from above !!