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  1. Was I crazy for passing on this buck while bow hunting a couple of weeks ago? I looked at him for a couple of minutes, had him at 15 yards broadside and aged him at 2 1/2 but after looking at pictures that I have of him, he may be 3 1/2. It would have been my biggest bow buck. I was hoping to see one of the mature bucks that I had on cam after last season's hunt. I haven't got any pictures of them this year and am thinking they either died of old age or where killed by car, poachers or predators.


    The 2 bucks I was hoping to show up.

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    I know a lot of guys that wouldn't have passed him up but if in your judgement he was not mature enough to shoot then more power to you and I hope that the big one come by ya for a shot.

    Looking at the pictures, he looks very similar to the 1st buck from last year and I wouldn't surprise me if it isn't the same buck, hard to see the spread in the deer from this year in the picture. Now that 2nd buck from last year is a real bruiser and I hope he is still around for you to chase. Good luck.

  3. I dont think i would pass any of them up...they definitely look mature...
  4. Well unless you eat the horns, I would have shot it. I think you blew it, and now you get to sit and dream of the "big one" that doesn't walk your land/area. You should have shot him......:tsk:
  5. They all look like nice bucks to me! I would have to say that I would of taken a shot!!
  6. With those other two running around, I would have passed. I think you did good. I'm picky too though.
  7. He definatly looks 2 1/2 to me... I wouldn't suggest passing on "your biggest buck" with a bow.. But you certainly don't take big bucks by filling your tag early.
  8. If it would have been my biggest kill with a bow. I would have taken a shot at it. There is never any hard written rule that any buck from last year is going turn up the next year. I have not shot a buck in 3 years due to the fact I am trying to beat the 8 that I shot. Passed on some nice 6 points and a 7 point. Still kicking myself for not shooting the 7 point.:irked: