Outside Hub LLC launches VEEP, brand new online video platform technology

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    Outside Hub LLC launches VEEP, brand new online video platform technology

    DETROIT, Michigan – Outside Hub LLC, the leading name in online outdoor advertising, will launch a brand new, fully syndicated engine-driven video platform, in partnership with Eclipse 2.0 Technologies.

    The VEEP player is an all-in-one unit, similar to a widget. The technology enables advertisers and companies to syndicate video content across any website on the internet.

    The player is self-contained, so users can upload as well as download content.

    “It was custom built to allow for conversion of any file and nearly all aspects of the video player are customizable,” said Greg Campbell, CEO of Eclipse 2.0 Technologies.

    VEEP will also allow users to moderate, give rankings and comments on all videos.

    Since the VEEP player is not tied to a user backend, it can be piggybacked to other existing platforms.

    “This technology will allow our users to enjoy the best video experience online,” said Steve Dooley, President of Outside Hub, LLC. “Our advertisers can now leverage cutting edge technology that will save them money and distribute their message in an aggressive and highly targeted fashion.”

    VEEP, is the latest in a series of exclusive technologies being offered by Outside Hub. It follows the recent release of the Outdoortal search engine, a fully functional in-banner outdoor search engine.

    Dooley said Outside Hub wants to continue doing its part to forward the reputation of the outdoor enthusiast and audience.

    “Historically, the outdoors, as a sport and hobby, has been considered a genre that is unsophisticated and lacks technology,” he said. “We want to make it a real marketplace for a unique and hard to reach audience, one that has traditionally been too fragmented to properly target.”

    The beta version of VEEP player can be seen on www.AccessTheOutdoors.com. A description of the technology can be found on www.Eclipse20.com.

    About Outside Hub LLC
    Outside Hub is the largest and fastest growing vertical ad network with over 375 publishing partners devoted to the outdoor enthusiast. Utilizing their vast network and unique web technology, Outside Hub is able to provide its clients unrivaled reach into a fresh and valuable niche audience. Advertising programs can be configured to reach buyers across outdoor interest segments or to a specific audience within segments such as hunting, fishing or water sports. For more information about Outside Hub, visit www.outsidehubmedia.com.

    For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

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