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  1. Why is it that people can't pick up their garbage when they're in the woods? I'm not referring to those who use it as a dump site for there household garbage, that's absolutely ridiculous, I'm referring to the much more manageable problem of people who leave their wrappers, pop/beer cans, water bottles, shotgun shells, and so on. I struggle to understand why it is so hard to take a wrapper or pop can back out of the woods when you carried it in weighing more and taking up more room than when it's empty?:coco: Every time I go for a walk I find this junk laying around on the trails and it PISSES me off, so I pick up some every time, no I can't grab all of it sometimes but I can grab a handful and that's one handfull less that I or someone else sees the next time. Nobody's innocent, but the more aware of the problem we are, the more aware of what we are doing ourselves.
    We all enjoy the pristine condition of the woods that we all enjoy whether it's hunting, hiking, horseback riding, or camping, we should all try to take care of it.
    Thanks for letting me rant a little, I needed to get that off my chest, as I've picked up two five gallon pails of garbage already this week on my outings.
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    Yeap, it's enough to make you sick.