Pheasants in Wisconsin??

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  1. I have a question that some of you Wisconsinites may answer.

    I was born and raised chasing grouse around the north woods. I keep hearing guys talk about pheasants around the state. Is there really a huntable population of phez??

    I can imagine that the southern counties would have them, but is there alot of wild birds in other spots in the state?? I know the DNR sets some go???

    Just wondering


    This link will show you where the state stocks 'em. Call your area's DNR office and maybe they can help you even when and how often they dump 'em.

    I know guys that hunt near Black River Falls....and around Green Bay. Not sure about any farther north than that. According to one of the maps on the DNR site...Dunn, Eau Claire, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix counties have management zones, so they must have sustainable populations over that way.

  3. Guys chasing around the DNR truck, and shooting the pheasants that are released right off the truck is shameful. :cool::cool:

    Hunt wild birds, be a real hunter.
  4. Yeah...cuz there's alot of wild pheasants north of the Hwy 10 line in this state. Why don't you pm this guy and take him with you to where they're all sitting on some private land way up north....oh yeah, there isn't any. I know when they dump by me because my brother in law's buddy is the warden here.

    The one public area I hit pheasant hunting releases on Mondays and Wednesdays between 7 and 10am. I'm at work then...when's your paper route get done?

    Why don't you try to help a guy out instead of busting everyone's chops?

    You're not Thorton're the a-hole Englishman professor that lost the blond.
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  5. The truth hurts doesn't it, Mr. Pheasant Truck hunter.:cool::cool:

    Then on top of it all your brother in laws buddy , a game warden no less, tells you when the "state" releases the birds for all to shoot, and you and your buddies get there first and shoot them all up.

    You are a true hunter, I am willing to bet you probably can't operate a compass or understand a map or a platte book either.

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  6. Not move out of your Mom's basement.

    You do know that the few "wild birds" there are were born in the wild, right? After their parents were released by the WI DNR, Pheasants Forever, Wings Over Wisconsin, and other private clubs.

    Now either take this guy to where you know all the "wild" birds are hiding in WI, or run him out to South Dakota or Iowa.

    Oh, and I like the Hitler touch, too. Go figure....
  7. 1) I have yet to get out because I've been reffing football until this past week.

    2) I'll spend more time at the land where we have access as part of our club me and my dog can actually see birds on the weekends.

    3) I've been going to the same land deer hunting since I was 14 (39 now) and if I need a compass now, I'm in trouble...were you born yet?

    4) It's called a PLAT map....dumb*****.

    5) Keep throwing sticks. I got all day.

    I forgot...

    6) We don't even have to shoot 'em, they'll let my dog go in the truck and pull 'em 9 am...on a Wednesday...when I'm at work.

    Try to keep up.
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  8. That explains it. A "Club" guy, so most likely a pseudo sportmans who shoots pen raised birds and claims to know about hunting. That explains the truck following. Also I don't care how long you have been hunting the land, you should have a compass when afield, it is called common sense. :cool::cool:
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  9. I hunt on a creek about 500 yards from my truck. I use gloweyes and a flashlight..if I need them. Walk in straight to the west(sundown for you) and leave straight to the east (where the sun came keepin' up here?). I do have a pin-on compass near my left front pocket in case I have to follow a blood trail, etc.. I can't believe I'm here having to explain myself to some little puke who's me how my technics are incorrect, my hunting is "shameful", and where my ethics are...Who the hell are you, douchbag? What's next? My pointer that I've spent 2 years working with and countless hours on is the wrong breed right?

    I'd like to know how many guys on here hunt the public birds, shoot at clubs (more for training the dog than for me...) or just shoot pen raised birds they or someone else released because they don't have time to chase all over the state for 1 bird or get out west.

    You still haven't mentioned where or how GRIFFMAN is supposed to go about finding these mystery pheasants other than on the public land he shouldn't hunt or the clubs he shouldn't join or be a guest at. Enlighten us all...please.

    It's official boys.....1 week in and we've found the prick-of-the-litter!!! Not too bad though. 1 out of 141.

    Congrats to you.
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  10. You are blabbing about ethics? Yet you have your brother in law, whose buddy is a game warden, tip you off when and where the DNR is releasing pheasant, so you can go out and shoot them up? :rolleyes::rolleyes: Just marvelous......:cool:
  11. That was years ago...moron. It's also public knowledge if you want to contact your local DNR service station or wildlife biologist. It was a way to get a gauge on when the birds were there so you weren't wasting your time going to areas that were beat down and hunted out 2 or 3 days prior. Some of us have jobs, kids, and other commitments and only get out to hunt on certain areas on certain days....especially where the areas close at 2 p.m. every day. Throw us all a bone and tell us where a "true hunter" would go without having to drive 2 hours each way to do it....

    Present us with some facts about your hunting methods and where you get out and hunt or shut up. You've proven nothing in 4+ hours other than the fact that you're the sportsman's version of Judge Judy and that you like to put little cutesy smilies on every single post you launch out. You're the guy that's been putting people down about their weapons or their methods on nearly every post out of you in a week. I'm waiting for the guy to fire some crap comment on your thread of field hunting geese and tell you how you're not man enough to hunt waterfowl on the actual water. We wait long enough, you'll probably do it to yourself.

    Please, for the last time....tell us where or how GRIFFMAN is supposed to go to find his pheasants in northern Wisconsin? I figured.

    Anyway...good luck hunting this year.
  12. This is some intelligent conversation. :mad:

    If you boys want to piss on each other start your own thread on the idiot page !!:cool:

    I started this to get some intelligent converstation going. This could and should be a good site to learn and meet folks. Not to hide behind and call names.

    Both of you should be more respectable than this. I'm sure your both fine guys, but find a new way to release your frustration.

  13. Silly man, there are no pheasant to speak of in northern Wisconsin. Northern Wisconsin is ruffed grouse and woodcock country. Griffman should know this. If you want to hunt pheasant then pony up, and go to the Dakotas. There is plenty of public land to hunt and wild birds in the Dakotas to hunt. :D

    Maybe you can invite Griffman for a hunt at your "club", since you both seem to be confused on what species of game are native and common to Wisconsin.:rolleyes:

    Also I have never put anyones weapon down, I merely recommended a more versatile caliber rifle, the 30.06.:D

    Now I need to go do my paper route and rake the leaves for the old lady down the block.:eek:
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  14. Yeah, I've already tipped him off on where to try for grouse up north where I've gone around Sayner and St. Germain. You know that helping a guy out thing I mentioned? You mean there's no pheasant way up there? I can't wait to see you start pi$$in' all over that thread now, too.

    Plenty of pheasant in the northern counties I mentioned to start this thing off...unless to you a couple don't make the northern county status.

    "Dunn, Eau Claire, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix counties have management zones, so they must have sustainable populations over that way."

    Atta boy rippin' on the Griffman too. Classy.

    ver·sa·tile (vûr[​IMG]s[​IMG]-t[​IMG]l, -t[​IMG]l[​IMG])

    Capable of doing many things competently.

    Something you and the .30-06 have a tough time with. Last time I saw a guy using one capable enough for varmint rounds, deer, and maybe elk was.....never.

    Don't use a blower on the old ladies leaves wouldn't be a "true raker."

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  15. Thanks for your concern I am aware of the fact that there are grouse and wc in northern wisconsin. I'm the guy that hunts birds 60 days a year and sees more birds in a year than most see in life time.

    But once again I thank you for your concern.

    Now on to the topic that I started...