Pilot mapping tool available to help Rock River communities prepare for floods

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    Contact(s): Chris Olds, DNR, 608-266-5606; Lori Getter, WEM, 608-242-3239


    MADISON - A new interactive map that forecasts the extent and depths of flood waters is available to help communities along the Rock River prepare for potential flood events.

    The Rock River Flood Inundation Mapping tool has been created for five stretches of the Rock River through Dodge, Jefferson, and Rock counties. This tool is part of a pilot program created by the Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin Emergency Management, in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Weather Service, the U.S. Geological Survey, the Army Corps of Engineers and Rock River communities.

    "Through this interactive map, residents, business owners, and local officials along the Rock River will get an indication when roadways, streets, buildings or other infrastructure may be impacted by flooding," said Wisconsin Emergency Management Administrator Brain Satula. "This will allow them to take appropriate measures to protect their property and mitigate damages."

    Chris Olds, DNR lead floodplain engineer, said the web maps help communities by illustrating areas covered by water at various stages of a flood event. Specifically, the maps can be used to:

    • find real-time river stages and the associate flood risk;
    • plan ahead and mitigate for the impacts of flooding;
    • pinpoint an address to see the forecasted impact on a specific property; and
    • determine the flood stage at which roadways will become impassable.

    Olds said flood inundation mapping tools have been successfully used at several locations across the country, but this is the first of its kind in Wisconsin. The public can learn how to access and navigate the map through an online tutorial.

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