Pine plantation thinning to begin at Peninsula State Park

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  1. By Central Office October 22, 2015

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    FISH CREEK, Wis. - Visitors to Peninsula State Park will notice loggers working in the park this fall and winter. The loggers will be selectively thinning a number of conifer plantations and removing Scotch pine on a variety of small parcels throughout the park beginning late October.

    "Although the park is mostly natural forest, there are scattered pine plantations that were planted over past decades throughout the park," said Kelli Bruns, Peninsula State Park superintendent. "These plantations were established at high tree densities that require periodic thinning to give trees adequate growing space to maintain health and vigor."

    Loggers will also be removing stands of Scotch pine, which is a non-native species often planted for Christmas trees that can be invasive; competing with or displacing native vegetation. The Scotch pine plantations also hosts honeysuckle, another non-native invasive species that are also being removed.

    "Our current master plan for the park calls for managing vegetation to restore as much native species as possible and remove non-native and invasive species. The long term goal is to improve forest vigor and convert conifer plantation to stands of northern hardwood species, such as sugar maple, by encouraging native species regeneration," Bruns said.

    The scope of the project encompasses 72 acres from a variety of tracts throughout the 3,776-acre park property. Foresters estimate approximately 788 cords of wood product will be removed from the park over a two-year period. Logging will continue through March 2016 and then will resume late October 2016 through March 2017.

    Logging activities will continue through the winter season taking advantage of frozen ground conditions. Equipment operation will close roads and trails for a few weeks at a time in specific locations. Signs and maps will be posted along the road and at the park office alerting the public of road closures and notifying the public of the logging operation. No logging activities will occur on weekends after November 15 or during the nine-day gun deer hunting season.

    For more information and a map of where logging operations will take place, search the Department of Natural Resources website for keyword "p>
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