Pinky's Revenge

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  1. Trying to do something worth while, been stuck at home for several days now with the awful Flu that is going around.

    I put together a step by step tying tutorial of one of my favorite steelhead streamers. Thought it may give some of you something to do during this cold snap over the next couple days...

    Pinky's Revenge...

    Below is a step by step tutorial of one of my favorite steelhead streamers. I call it "Pinky's Revenge" and it is a variant of my Friend Dave's "Bad Hair Day" pattern. Click on each image for written instructions explaining each step. Enjoy!

    Begin with a cheap hook you don't mind cutting, we are only using this hook for the shank, so while we want it to be durable, it does not need to be an expensive hook. I use the Mustad R75S-9674 in size 4 simply because I bought a whole bunch of them years ago for cheap. Insert the hook into the vise and put down a base layer of Vevus G.S.P. thread.


    Install a loop of 30 pound Fireline Crystal on to the shank of the hook, wrap it very tight with the G.S.P. thread and then double over the Fireline and wrap it very tight once more to lock it in.


    Apply a liberal amount of glue over the doubled over portion of Fireline, then wrap lead over that to add weight to the fly, the glue will also lock the lead into place.


    Twist UV Black Ice Dubbing on to your thread and cover the lead wrapped portion of the shank.