PM Spaming from our Forums!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by 7mm Magnum, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. I tried to post a copy of a PM spam that I received from a registered user on this website
    but apparently there is some kind of software that won't allow the address of the message
    I was sent to be posted.

    The perpetrator was a registered user going by the name of Patricia.

    I would appreciate it if Steve or a site moderator would contact me regarding this as it
    is now the 2ND time this has happened!! I have saved the email PM notification that I received
    and I can send it to you for your review. I have however deleted it from my PM mail box!

    Thanks !
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  2. spinner

    spinner Staff Member

    already pmed Steve...

    had same garbage.

    Bet she is gone by morning

  3. Let's hope it won't take that long !

    Especially now,... cause it seems my initial attempt to post the message I received has
    placed a tag on my account making it look like I TRIED to do some spaming !
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  4. nimrod1

    nimrod1 Guest

    You can not post a link, or pic, or even use a smilie before you have 5 posts, or you will get the "spam sender" warning.:tsk: I got it also.:nono:

    I just got the Patrica pm, and saw that she is banned. So justice has been served.:bouncy:
  5. I also got one I copied it and sent it to Steve,,,
  6. Is this the one

    Originally Posted by Patricia
    Hello,I'm new here, how's it going?---Patricia
  7. YEP,... that's the one!
  8. 5 posts huh,... Hmmmm, I've been a member of the Michigan site for years.

    I guess that doesn't count on the Wisconsin sister site. Never had
    this kind of spaming over there in all that time!
  9. Heck, I thought she was just looking for a piece.....:lol::lol::lol:
  10. You're at 7 problem. Welcome over!
  11. Buck

    Buck Guest

    I got the same one also.