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possum problem

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by buck83, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. I noticed a few possums running around the farm at night. Normally it wouldn't concern me too much but I was told they can pass a disease on to our horses. Now I'm not too fond of the eating/crapping machines, but the wife loves them. Does anyone know what I could bait my live traps with to catch them? I could easily shoot them but I don't want the neighbors to think I'm violating.
  2. I dont know much about trapping, but with the knowledge of the outdoors, i dont think there is much out there that a possoms (sp) wont eat, i would try something like tuna fish or dog food or just table scraps, maybe vegetables....Hope this helps.....

  3. Yes they will pass a disease to your horses by crappin in their food.And good smelly fish is a great bait for them.Kill every one you can.They're egg eaters and will eat young birds and chickens on their roosts.Rancid
  4. Thanks for the info. fellas. I will make trapping the vermin my #2 priority this week. Number 1 is whitetail deer hunting.