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Discussion in 'Forum - Website Problems' started by Leap'n Larry, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Steve,

    I posted a pic of a coyote in the trail cam forum under the contest trail cam pic's. It turned out smaller than other pic's that I posted. Did I do something wrong? Also some how I ended up with two of the same deer pic's in the gallery. Not sure what or how I did that can you delete the one labeled 42.


    Leap'n Larry
  2. Steve,
    I can see that I will soon run out of space to post pics. Is there a way to delete past pics to pick up space for new pics? Thanks for your help.:help:

  3. Muddy,Go to photo gallery,click on main photo index.Click on my photos.Click on the photo you want to delete.Under the enlarged photo in additional info,click on the bottom left box.(edit photo) At the bottom is a box to check to delete the photo, check it and click submit changes.Your pic should be gone.WP:dizzy:
  4. Thanks a bunch:bowdown: