Preliminary registration numbers indicate another strong Wisconsin bear hunting season

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  1. By Central Office October 13, 2016

    Contact(s): David MacFarland, DNR large carnivore specialist, 715-365-8917

    MADISON - Preliminary registration numbers indicate a strong 2016 bear hunt in Wisconsin, with 4,643 bears registered.

    "This was another successful season for Wisconsin Bear hunters. The preliminary harvest of 4,643 is very close to the 2016 quota of 4,750," said David MacFarland, DNR large carnivore specialist. "Wisconsin continues to have a healthy bear population, which provides more hunting opportunity than any other state in the country."

    Preliminary registration totals for the 2016 bear hunt are as follows:

    • Zone A: 1,135;
    • Zone B: 833;
    • Zone C: 1,071; and
    • Zone D: 1,603.

    Please note that these figures are preliminary and are subject to change.

    Summary tables and more information regarding bear hunting in Wisconsin can be found at, keyword "p>
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