Prescribed burns proposed for Quincy Bluff and Wetlands State Natural Area in Adams County

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  1. By Central Office October 12, 2015

    Contact(s): Jon Robaidek, DNR Field Ecologist, 715-421-7806

    MADISON -- The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is planning to conduct prescribed burning this fall on the Quincy Bluff and Wetlands State Natural Area in Adams County. These burns will take place in late October or early November if appropriate weather conditions exist.

    Prescribed burning is part of an ongoing effort to preserve and restore the oak savanna community (oak-dominated stands with less than 50 percent tree canopy coverage) - one of the most threatened upland communities in Wisconsin. These burns reduce leaf litter, redistribute nutrients and help control invasive species, and are often conducted in the fall when plants die and many leaves have already fallen.

    The window for conducting prescribed burns is relatively small, due to special weather conditions required. The moisture level of groundcover, wind speed and direction, and relative humidity must be just right for a safe and successful burn.

    Questions or comments regarding the prescribed burn should be directed to Jon Robaidek, DNR field ecologist, at 715-421-7806.

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