Private Land leased for fishing.

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    This bridge is one of my favorite early season stops.
    Before I get to the bridge I stop to talk to the farmer
    that owns the land. The stop is an information seeking

    He has sold the rights to the DNR on both sides of his bridge.
    The chunks of land on each side of the bridge are quite large.

    By Wisconsin law you are not supposed be able to have an aggressive
    animal on leased land. I have learned from previous trips that this
    landowner has a bull and an aggressive one and he alternates the
    pastures he puts him in.

    This has been the same for 5 years. I have contacted the DNR three times with no
    results. I just stop now and ask the farmer which side it is on and when he plans to
    switch sides.

    The POINT to this post is: DON'T blindly go in to pastures this spring. Do a little
    research first.
  2. Nothing you can do except...

    find out what that bull likes to eat and take him quite a bit of it to keep him busy...:tongue:

    We've dealt with similar situations out west bird hunting.

    :lol:Sometimes you have to take a chance that he can't run as fast as you can...