Problem with Otter Magnum Lodge Ice Shanty Ripping and Tearing

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Ice Fishing' started by Amuzme2, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Amuzme2

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    I purchased a Otter Magnum House Lodge on 1-09-08 . I have used the unit four times since I purchased it.

    I am having issues with the seams ripping due to poor workmanship from various areas throughout the shanty where the seams are separating. The zipper also separates when zipped up and closed. Finally most of the Velcro strips that hold onto the poles have have ripped off.

    It took Otter customer service over a month to tell me I was out of luck...the Warranty was only good for 1 year. I hope this post and the pictures will help you make a choice in spending your hard earned money on the Shanty Manufacturer that you choose.

  2. Steve

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    That's pretty bad. Never had anything like that with my Shappells