Progress In Changing Trout Rules & Regulations

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    Wisconsin Conservation Congress
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    Jordan Weeks WDNR Fish Manager from La Crosse gave a review of the upcoming report on Trout Fishing Participation Survey. He explained that the survey shows drop in participation is due mostly to busy lives, and other hobbies. Not because of regulations and limits. A full report is due out very soon.

    DNR liaison Jordan Weeks gave a briefing on DNR Trout Committee and the review of the possible trout regulation changes. He also commented on contacts from the public about changes in the regulations. He feels people are bypassing the Conservation Congress and going straight to their legislators. May be due to lack of knowledge of the Congress and its purpose. Also may be due to the time involved in getting changes done due to ACT 21.

    Weeks gave a report on the DNR Trout Committee review of the current fishing regulations, and possible changes. Some of the proposed changes being looked at are;
    Longer season, earlier start, and later close

    Some of regulations changes are in the categories.

    Category 1: no size limit, 5 fish bag limit
    Category 2: 8” or 9” size limit, 3 fish bag limit
    Category 3 special regulations (catch and release, trophy, ETC,)

    Eliminate Category 4: Minimum length limit: Brown and rainbow trout
    12"; brook trout 8" Daily bag limit: 3 in total
    Eliminate Fly Fishing only regulations, convert to artificial only.

    He stressed all of these are only proposals as of now, no changes have been agreed to as of yet.

    A proposal was also floated out there to increase the Trout Stamp fee from $10.00 to $15.00

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