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    Many years ago my father showed me this old bridge ruins hole. It has always produced for me through the years. I remember a big fat 18 incher the first time I fished it back in 1966.

    Through the years I have shared my excellent hole with many folks.

    John Armstrong caught this nice early season brown on a thin mint in this wonderful hole.

    Last year I saw some construction equipment out in the field near the hole. It was the WDNR and they were "fixing" the stream on request of the landowner.

    Earlier this year I limped out to this hole and it nearly made me cry. The fixing entailed taking every tree off the bank and putting in giant boulders and lots of loose gravel.

    I sent a friend to fish it yesterday and the boulders have been silted in and the hole no longer exists.

    Good job fixing this stream "NOT"
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    That's a beautiful catch.

    Did you throw it back, or have it for supper?