Public comment sought on upgrade to Kiel wastewater plant

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    Contact(s): Gerry Novotny, DNR wastewater engineer, 608-267-7625; Ed Culhane, DNR communications, 715-781-1683

    KIEL, Wis. - The city of Kiel has requested approval from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to construct improvements to its wastewater treatment plant.

    The existing treatment plant was built in 1965. Although the plant has been upgraded periodically, many of the structures and piping systems have been in service for 30 to 50 years and are in need of replacement or repair. Wastewater flows and pollutant loadings to the plant are increasing. In addition, the upgrade is designed to bring the facility into compliance with legislatively scheduled changes to effluent limits for biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, ammonia and phosphorus, all based on water quality.

    The proposed improvements would be implemented in three phases. Phase I will upgrade the primary clarifiers; anaerobic digesters; high-strength, waste-receiving station; and disinfection system. The capital cost of Phase 1 is estimated to be $3,803,000.

    Phase 2 includes upgrades to influent screens and aeration basins, new blowers and aeration equipment, the addition of membrane bioreactor equipment, installation of new biosolids dewatering equipment and miscellaneous electrical, instrumentation, structural and site improvements. Phase 2 has an estimated capital cost of $9,875,700.

    Phase 3 includes a biosolids drying system and remaining miscellaneous electrical, instrumentation and site work. Phase 3 has an estimated capital cost of $5,887,200.

    Phase 1 is expected to begin in 2017, Phase 2 in 2019 and Phase 3 in 2020.

    The city anticipates financing the project with a Wisconsin Clean Water Fund loan, USDA Rural Development funds and other sources.

    Although the proposed project is not expected to involve significant environmental impacts, the public is invited to comment. Comments can be directed before March 10 to Gerry Novotny, Water Quality Bureau, Department of Natural Resources, Box 7921, Madison, Wisconsin 53707, 608-267-7625.

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