public employees/teachers leading by example

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  1. Its great to see teachers calling in sick and getting fraudulent sick notes and yet sending little "Johnny" to the office for no sick slip.:bowdown: This nonsence in Madison just shows how spoiled the Public employees are and how far they will go with their Unions prodding. The Union has no place in a state or federal work place.Can anyone say conflict of interest? They strike, we pay. What a bunch of BABY'S!!!!:gaga: And the missing 14 should stay out of state and then the republican majority should ram the right to carry as well as other needed bills down their throats.:wink:
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    Not to mention the lawmakers who don't seem to think they have to show up for work.

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    sick slips

    sick slips are handed out like candy at doctor's offices. Runny nose or not feeling well.

    We had mental health days at my old employ.

    If you show up at the clinic you can get one.

    I am assuming the unions will pay any wages missed by the the "14"