Pumpkin patch

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Habitat' started by brokenarrow, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. My pumpkins are coming in great. I have two spots in different plots that I had prepaired for with RU the year before. This usually works well for me. This year the back food plot has awesome looking plants. About 70 hills of pumpkins and all grew well. The weeds are next to non existant and will not come into play in this plot. The front food plot that has some pumpkins (another 75 hills) is another story. It looked good early. I even sprayed again when I planted May 18th. For what ever reasons, the weeds are competing with the pumpkins. I do feel the pumpkins are on top of the weeds and will be fine but the weeds are sucking alot of juice from the soil that should be going into the crop. Will a 2-4d or other grassy weed killer NOT harm the pumpkin plants? Anyone know of a killer that can be used in pumpkins? Thanks
  2. How did that pumpkin patch turn out. I hope you didn't use 2-4D on it!