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    There doesn't seem to be alot of activity in this forum, could residents just require a "Quick Delicious Meal"? Come on Wisconsin... is deer management something we do on our own or depend on the DNR to take care of it for us? I know a lot of folks that do a lot for our four legged friends. Even if it's simple camp rules on rack size. What's you angle?
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    There is quite a bit of debate about this in Michigan. I am quite interested to hear what Wisconsin's view is on this topic.

  3. I second that Steve.....:D
  4. Here is my take on it. I practice it, only have 40 acres but fortunate to have some larger tracts of land around me that get little to no hunting pressure. I talk about QDM to others but never force my veiws on others. I have found that it is best to let other hunters to make that choice on their own. I would say that QDM has caught on in Wisconsin very well and will continue to grow, thanks in part to Buffalo County's success.
  5. I have 75 acres and I practice QDM too. I think it is catching on more and more. There are a couple of reasons it seems to be spreading. Earn-a-buck like it or not, is creating more opportunities for bigger bucks. "Meat hunters are encouraged to shoot does, so there is everyone is happy. I also think that QDM isn't associated with antler restrictions like it is/was in Michigan.
  6. QDM is BS......unless you can keep everyone on the adjoining properties from shooting bucks. If you can do that then you and your neigbors have constructed your OWN little private shooting preserve, where 3-4 guys hunt all the land. :tsk: For average Joe Blow Wi. deer hunter QDM is just a richmans way of exclusion. If you want to hunt horns go to the far north or Canada.
  7. The one thing that I really don't like about MI, is the second restricted buck tag. I would rather see it go to one buck tag per hunter. WI has a good thing going in some ways. When you are #1 in the books for entries something good is happening. EAB is not working like they think it is. It is making some hunters do things they never would before. So I am not a fan of that approch to herd control. Where I hunt in MI their idea of QDM is have all the bowhunters shoot does. Then during gun season let all the relatives show up, and let them shoot the bucks. A vast area of where I hunt is private land. Most of it gets little or no hunting pressure to speak of. At times it makes it diffucult to hunt, let alone practice QDM.
  8. I tend to agree with Thorton Mellon. QDM sounds good on paper, but in reality it just takes more land away from the average hunter. I fear that the rising cost to hunt is going to be one of the biggest problems that we will face in the near future. QDM just means another private hunting club.
  9. Thats amazing you get that much slack from wisconsin hunters about their hunting ideals? I have not seen that very much anywhere here.
    Unless some one else is paying the bill for the land you hunt, I feel they should not push their ideals on you so hard. If they are paying the bill, thats another story.
  10. We own 300 acres in southern Wi. and have been practicing "our" form of QDM for the past 15 years..........our rules are a shooter buck must be 3 years old and 130" min. All hunters must kill at least 1 doe before killing a buck ,buck fawns are NOT to be shot, (regardless of EAB, which actually causes the deaths of more buck fawns and is detrimental to growing mature bucks) some years with high doe populations i request that 2 does be taken before a buck.......Kids are free to kill whatever they like (no antler restrictions) adults that have never killed a deer are also free to chose thier "trophy"..........Now this is on our land only and we have seen tremendous results from these practices, however I would not impose any of these ideas on anyone not hunting our land........hunting is something to be enjoyed and not worry too much about the rules, so anyone that takes pride in a basket rack has my respect just as much as someone taking a 150 class buck.
  11. I hunt solo mostly except for Gun Season and my form of QDM is just shooting mature deer. I'm not into bone so much and like to eat them so more doe's are shot than bucks. There are no retrictions other than if I'm happy with it and it's a mature deer I'll give it a try!
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    I think this is a very good way to think about things. Too bad more private land owners don't think that way.
  13. I think the let'm go, let'm grow thought is catching on and becoming more of the norm. However I do not believe anyone should push theirs thoughts off as being the only way. I personally have changed my goals over the years. When I first started hunting, I would shoot any buck I saw. Now I am a bit more picky, I try to wait for that 3.5 year old buck, but that doesn't mean I won't shoot a nice 2.5 year old either. I'm sure after a few more kills in that age range I will start holding out for even bigger.
  14. great theory, but...

    I think QDM is something a lot of people like to loftily talk about, but when the first thing they've seen is a forkhorn, and they're hunting on 10 acres of land with guys on all the land around them, well....they all eat the same.

    I took myself out of the argument years ago. I just take one doe a year.
  15. Hopefully the "guys with all the land around that 10 acre piece are practicing and you are blessed with not only many more pounds of venison from that adult buck but also the feeling of harvesting one of the hardest ones to get. Im sure if a smaller buck is shot, it wont make much a change in the structure but wouldnt it be nice if there were a few mare adult bucks out there to grace the scope of a young hunter and there for "hook em" for ever and ever.
    I could care less if my neighbor shoots that 4 point I just let walk. At least he had a chance to grow, If I would of harvested him there would of been a zero chance at that point of him reaching full maturity. If the neighbor shoots him, ow well, its his choice. I am the kind tha "gets off" letting the only buck I see all year "walk". To me, and only in my opinion, I brag about the ones I let go rather than the one in my freezer. Although hmmm, I do seem to remember bragging about a fawn buck I took on opening day bow season and how it was the best tasting 4 steaks and 9 chops I ever had:lol:
    True story, you could cut it with a fork! and it took me 2 shots with an arrow 15 minuits apart to harvest the thing (it was so small a target I missed the first time):dizzy: honest!