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  1. If you wanna go practice QDM then so be it. I personally think it puts a black mark on hunting, but that is my opinion. My feeling on the issue is "to each his own". I don't take kindly to people telling me what I can and can't shoot, after all I paid for the license so I'll shoot whatever is a "TROPHY" to me.
  2. QDM Good Luck

    Nice to see it expanding and I hope you get better response than we have here in Michigan. Its hard for the Michigan deer hunting crowd to agree on anything but they do agree to disagree.

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    Yes getting agreement on this issue is always tough, but I do think it is productive.
  4. The QDM philosophy won't work unless everyone in the area is in. It causes trouble between land owners and hunters who don't see eye to eye on this. Some hunt for meat and others hunt for bone. Each one has the right to do it his way without someone pushing him to do it their way.:wink:
  5. I have been practicing QDM on a 150 acres I hunt in western Wis. This is the 5th season and the number of bucks has sky rocketed and shooter bucks (130"+) are seen threw the rut on a regular bases. My buck to doe ratio is 2 bucks to 1 doe thats from QDM
    To me if you want to shoot really big mature bucks you have to let the smaller bucks walk.
    Im lucky enough to have all but 1 neighbor practicing as well.
    To each there own a trophy can be anything harvested but when your ready to become a true trophy hunter your going to have to practice QDM
    to get the buck #s up and let them grow to maturity