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  1. Getting my son into raccoon and muskrat trapping this year. Looking for a local buyer around Hudson, WI. Prefer to sell furs on the carcas. My buyer I currently use isn't buying until mid November but we're getting nice raccoons now. Any info helps!
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    Welcome to the site. Hopefully you will find a buyer here.

  3. Check the regs & freeze them. It's better if their at least 'rough skinned', saving the fleshing,stretching, & drying for later.
  4. I hear WI coons are really in demand this year. The report is, hides are gonna be up alot this year. The Russians are buying all they can get.:smile:
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    We are an American Legion Post 196 in Delafield WI and are looking for a supply of raccoons for our upcoming 84th Coon Roast. If anyone has any coons for sale in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Washington, Jefferson counties PLEASE call. 262.893.8484. We need about 50 - 60 med to lg coons by Jan 8th. We are trying hard not to break tradition but our Post members that hunt are getting up in age and cannot supply like they use to.

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