Reading Water

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  1. spinner

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    Many factors go in to reading.

    Time of year.
    Water temperature
    the sun's position
    the lay of the water below and above the structure.

    Look at this photo and lets hear your "Where is elmo"
    Give reasons from photo.
  2. Behing the first two logs sticking up to back under the overhanging trees. looks like a drop behind the logs. Other wise they are usually right where i'm sure to get snagged up.

  3. Steve

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    This is my guess. I'm going to say its deeper water on the outside of a bend where the slack water just starts and has cover with that log there.
  4. spinner

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    look above the hole

    I always look at the stream just above where I want to fish.
    I look at the turns and bends. The bends above are a dead give away
    of where the undercuts and step drops will be. The spring floods carve
    these streams out about the same way each spring.

    The slants of the banks are good indicators on where the depth will be.
    The structure just a bonus and also fine tunes the approach.