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  1. We just didn't have enough hours in the day yesterday to get out on the ice, but we spent Sat night & a couple of hours on Sun gettin gear ready. I rigged up our jiggin lines with "snaps" for easy switching, but all I had were medium. They're pretty little, but I'm wondering if I shouldh've used small ones.

    I've always (the few years I've been ice fishing :biggrin:) used slip bobbers, but I put spring bobbers on 2 of my lines this year. Most of the guys I've talked to about bobbers think they're the way to go.

    Missed an opportunity this weekend... there was an ice shanty on Craigslist that looked like a good deal, the seller had sent me all the info I had asked for but I didn't check my email until late last night and by then he had sold it. you snooze you lose. I've got a sno boat 2 man, but I've been looking for one that's a little bit bigger.
  2. Love Craiglist for buying and selling, its the only place I look for any thing, cheap (no Cost) and easy to use, bought a 250 YZ with a really good price and sold a tractor (sold it way below what it could bring but tired of having it around) and it was gone within a hour

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    It's about time to get my stuff ready. Ice is building!
  4. Not thick enough yet

    Talked to a guy that went out on Delavan Lake this past weekend. He said ice is only just 3 inches thick. It was thinner in some areas around him and he said there was open water about 100 yards out from the launch.
    It's been cold, but we had snow first and that insulated the ground justenough to keep things from freezing up real hard.
  5. fishing report from the weekend

    Went to the back waters of the Sugar River on Sat. 12/15 There's about 4" of ice and 1 1/2 feet of water below it. Snowed 3" on us while we were fishing.

    We only had 2 flags, but at least this time we had 2 fish also :lol:.

    Pulled in a 26" northern on a blackback shiner. The other one is the classic "fish story"... bigger (probably close to 30") and it got away. He got tangled up in the line tryin to get him up to the hole. Ended up breaking off (actually biting off) the line above the leader. Hope he can get the hook free, cuz there's alot of brush for that leader to snag up on.

    Friends went to the same spot on Sun. 12/16 and didn't get a bite.

    Sun. 12/16 we went to Monona Bay in Madison for panfish. 7"-8" of ice there. There's plenty of bluegills and they're biting, but no size to them at all. They were hittin on dark jigs tipped with spikes or half a waxy in about 5 1/2 foot of water. Later they were hittin on pieces of dark plastic on glow jigs. Only kept 8.

    I do give kudos to the fishermen without shanties. It was in the teens and windy but there were still a lot of people sittin on buckets over holes!!! We had a shanty with a heater for when the sun went behind the clouds.

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