Red Cedar Lake

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  1. Offered to take a couple guys fishing and they want to try Red Cedar Lake in Barron County. I've never been on the lake so have been looking for some information. It looks like it is a chain with Balsam and Hemlock and has walleye, bass, and northerns as the primary species. Any help with techniques or what species to target would be greatly appreciated. One of the guys doesn't fish much and I'm just trying the get him on some fish. I took him out last year and he caught his first walleye, so just trying to figure out what will provide the most action.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

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    Hopefully somebody here can help you out.

  3. This information probably comes way too late but might help others looking for some intel....

    If you are looking for a lakemap of Red Cedar, check out Not only can you print out a map of the lake, but you can dynamically mark up the lake online with points of interest that you either want to try out or where you catch fish for future reference.

    Hopefully your trip to Red Cedar was productive!

  4. Dave,
    My family vacationed on that lake for decades I know it inside and out. I primarily targeted perch, crappie, and walleye. It also has nice smallmouth fishing and gills. It's a beautiful lake I miss going there to fish. I'm from Illinois originally now live in Michigan so I don't get out that way much anymore.

    I know this is an older post but if you still want info on it send me a PM. I also suggest getting a Fishing Hotspots map it gives you a lot of info on where to fish. Lots of structure in that lake weeds, rocks, humps etc. I never fished Balsam but would always run to Hemlock for crappie and have hit into some walleye as well. I have only fished it in the summer and fall it can be tough fishing in the summer the fall was always my favorite time of year to fish it. It is probably a good ice fishing lake I would have to think. Like I said send me a PM I can help you out........Scott