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  1. I was up in the Mercer area Thursday and Friday checking out the grouse and woodcock population. The flowages were just starting to thaw out and there were all kinds of ducks,geese and 2 swans in the open water.It was a good viewing experience. When I got home I checked the trailcam and found my friend had returned for his weekly visit.[​IMG]
    There wasn't much to snack on so he left after posing for only 4 pictures.
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  2. Steve

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    Looks like a pretty big buddy. What's he after? You got a bird feeder out?

  3. I've got 4-6 feeders out, but since "buddy"moved in 3 years ago I've learned to bring everything in before dark.That just leaves whatever is on the ground for hom to snack on.
  4. Steve

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    They really seem to like bird feeders. I have a 4x4 in the ground in one of my food plots where I mount a fake licking branch for the deer and this bear though he was going to find a little present on top:

  5. Steve, nice picture. I can see bears coming in to a place out in the woods, but the area I'm in is pretty well builtup. If you go less than a mile west your on the main road for the East side of town.Here's a picture of my latest visitors.[​IMG]